GIMME A REASON 09 | Nile Ashton


Nile has worked his way into New Orleans' DJ booths and hearts with his considered style and sweet demeanor, but we stay for his energetic and jacky DJ sets. And this mixtape is no different. Touching on the classics with ravey pianos, RnB vocals, bassy numbers, and some break moments; it's safe to say he did the damn thing!

A New Orleans local by way of North Carolina, Nile is 1/2 of Secret Handshake, a duo with GAT Alumni Lady Lavender. We look forward to keeping an eye on what they have up their sleeve for the future.

Enjoy this fantastic mix from Nile Ashton!"


"In v.3 Nile Ashton continues his journey into the SECRET HANDSHAKE universe with his signature multi-genre style. In just under 90 minutes, this edition spans electro, breakbeat, house, acid, trance and more… Enjoy 36 tracks of REAL CLUB SHITT !"

Including highlight tracks from DJ Edgar, Anz, Garneau, Ghostwhip, Sally C, Club Cab, StacEmp, & Shawn Cartier.


Escape to a better place... with the SECRET HANDSHAKE.

Exploria 013 | Nile Ashton

The latest installment of the series comes from Nile Ashton. Arriving in New Orleans via North Carolina in 2016, Nile has continued to refine his stylistic approach to dance music. Breaks, house, techno, electro - you name it Nile has it locked.

NI40 | Nile Ashton

Via the lens of his signature genre-bending style… New Orleans based DJ/Producer Nile Ashton embarks on a sonic adventure through space and time. Gritty electro bass, spacey breakbeats, and familiar vocal samples combine to deliver an eclectic voyage into an alternate reality...


“In this edition.. we further venture through a sonic ravescape built of nostalgic textures, genre bending track selection, complex tribal rhythms and modern club sensibility. Starting out at a swift 138 BPM,  this electro-heavy mix dives straight into the faster, harder and deeper side of the SECRET HANDSHAKE sound. An ethereal embrace at the finish line rounds out the experience for the perfect send off into our new virtual reality.”

This club-ready selection includes highlight tracks from  CXLI, Jensen Interceptor, Bailey Ibbs, Leonce, Maruwa, Client_03, Amadeezy, Nite Fleit, Yak, Adryiano and more....